Friday, December 23, 2011

Be careful what you wish for because it may annoy the crap out of you.

When my son was an infant, he was so cute. I know I'm biased, but so.cute.  The main problem between us was the lack of truly understandable communication. Hungry, tired, sick, pissed off, bored - they all sounded the same:  Waaaaaah!  I used to look oh so forward to the day when he'd be able to tell me what hurts/what he wants to eat/when he wants to nap (ha!). Well, that day has been here for a while (little nugget is almost three) and I have to say, my ears are splitting. He does.not.shut.up. Ever! If it's not turning to ask me, "What's that?" as we see the 100th semi truck roll by on the highway, it's singing "Old MacDonald had a sheep" (always a sheep) a hundred times in a row. Today we went to a Christmas market with my inlaws. We babbled on and on and ON about Santa, and the reindeer, and the various ornaments, and the need to visit every potty within a ten mile radius. It was non stop. I am surprised he didn't end up with dry mouth. I need some quiet time stat. But I ain't gonna get it any time soon. My mom tells me to enjoy it now because when he's a teenager, he won't tell me anything.

I sincerely hope Santa put some earplugs in my stocking. Silent Night is sounding like more like a hope than a song!

Merry Christmukkah to all!

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