Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recovering from Twitter addiction. And birthday parties.

I've been sadly neglectful of this blog over the past month! I would love to chalk it up to some highbrow commitment I have, but the reality is that I spent some time as a Twitter addict, entering contests galore.  I started tweeting in January because my good friend F was winning contests for expensive things all over the place and I figured if she could, so could I.  Fortunately,  my husband staged a successful intervention and I'm back to all things in moderation. So hello again!

What's been on my mind lately... My son turns three in less than a month. They say three is like two with intent. Let me testify for the prosecution and affirm, under oath, that a truer statement has never been uttered.  While I love that no one can push him around, I don't love that it takes us about 30 minutes to get him dressed every morning because he is so. darned. picky.  If I had known this was coming, I would have bought every item of his clothing since his birth in a single, boring color so he didn't know there were options.  He also has to do everything in the whole wide world himself. Ever watched a preschooler try to pour his own milk? The dog was happy but the rest of us, not so much.  Good thing we love him!

He has already gone to a slew of birthday parties this year and each one is more elaborate than the previous one.  Tumbling classes, clowns (that scared the bejeezus out of some of the kids), and a traveling petting zoo are just a few of the extravagances. It seems like the competition for most talked about party is fierce. I admit that I am playing the game a little.  Some may call my attempts half-assed but I don't want A to feel cheated.  My son is all about sports, particularly hockey (which makes no sense to his baseball-loving parents), so we are going to take him and all of his little friends to one of those little gyms with supervised, rapidly changing activities focused on sports.  It has an indoor bounce floor, too.  Cake, pizza, and goody bags round out the madness. It can't be crazier than his second birthday when we took him and his little friends (and their parents) to Chuck E. Cheese, right? My hatred of that place has no bounds.  I am optimistic that my ears won't bleed after this year's party, but I guess we'll see.

Nice checking in with my peeps out there. I'll hopefully talk to you again soon.  Ciao a tutti!


  1. I got lots of good dirt on three yesterday tweeting with some vets. My fear, of course, is having two three year olds. I think we are in serious trouble my friend.

  2. It's funny he had to intervene on your twitter addiction!! I can't wait to see pictures of A's party. He is going to have so much fun. I love the look of your log!


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